MIKE received a BULBASAUR!

Posted on June 8, 2015 in 3D Printing by

So this little guy popped off the printer today.


There’s a few flaws, but I’m still super happy with how he came out. Especially since I’ve been making so many “experimental” changes to the printer lately. Nice to know my designs actually work.


What made this print a bit tricky was the 0% infill (ignore the wire-pasta all over the desk. I just wired in a new ATX power supply). Lately I’ve been obsessed with printing without infill, because I love the way the light comes through the plastic and gives it that soft glow. Of course, not everything prints well when it’s just a hollow shell, as you can see on the first attempt:bulbasaur_failed

The model is from thingiverse, and you can see in the eyes and the forehead where the surfaces were too horizontal to print without infill supporting it from the inside. I also couldn’t get the plant to fit very well because of the odd shape in the back. And, protip: don’t try shoving a plant into your print before it’s come off the build plate. Because dirt.

So I brought the model into Blender, changed the geometry on his eyes and forehead to be a bit less horizontal, adjusted the bottom surface of the planter area to not require infill underneath it, and made the planter a bit bigger in general. The end result printed beautifully. You can get the stl file as well as the Blender project here.

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